Tem Sykahua, USPTA Certified Professional

Tem Sykahua, USPTA Certified Professional


Tem's Amazing Tennis is the official academy at Lakewood Tennis Center. We have been teaching since 2000. Our emphasize will always be proper form and technique. We believe that with the correct foundation, our students continue to grow with the knowledge we share with them.

Body mechanics and isolation techniques are part of lessons we teach. Current methods will include full follow-through topspin forehands, continental volleys, continental topspin serve, open and closed stance eastern forehands, two-hand backhand, eastern one hand backhand, continental slice, etc.

Our goal is to provide students excellent strokes in order to enjoy the game more. As you develop your skills through our methods, you will find success because the strokes are your tools to win. We provide a relaxed atmosphere as well as having low student to teacher ratio for a better learning experience.

Voted by the City of Lakewood as Best Tennis Pro of Lakewood due to repeat success with students winning their matches!

Lakewood Tennis Center is home to our students! Come and see how Tem’s Amazing Tennis will bring your game to the next level! Perfect practice makes Perfect!



Lakewood Tennis Center
4212 Clubhouse Dr
Lakewood, CA 90712